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About The College Doctor

Our Purpose

The College Doctor helps students and families by removing barriers to college.  Getting into college has become a complicated maze of forms, exams and regulations.  Even the most involved parents need a hand navigating the challenging web of requirements of financial aid, admissions and scholarship materials.  For many making it through high school and into college is a challenge because they simply do not have access to the help they need.

College Coaching

Today’s student is required to know more, think faster and have access to information in a way that was never required in previous generations.  The College Doctor will help students understand what is required of them from Test Prep to their first steps on campus.  Working hand in hand with families and students we help you to lessen the stress and make the best decisions.  We know colleges and we know how to help you prepare yourself to be successful.

The Men’s Summit

Increasingly young men have been struggling in both high school and at the college level.  Retention and graduation rates are down as are enrollment numbers.  Educators of all stripes agree there is a problem, in fact there is an epidemic.  Economically disadvantaged young men are by far the less likely to graduate from either high school or college.  Something must be done.  The College Doctor takes this trend seriously and has developed The Men’s Summit to begin to stem the tide of young men out of the educational pipeline.  Mentorship, Role Modeling, Interview Prep, Challenge and Support are all components of the Men’s Summit.  With each passing year we continue to impact the lives of young men and it is with pride that we will continue to do so.